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KNOWN BUG: Officer TROBO "locks" the TROBO app

Dear Customers,  

Today we learned there is a bug in our Halloween release (orange colored app icon as shown to the left, Version: 1.4.3065). Selecting the Officer TROBO story will "soft lock" or "crash" the app.  We have a bug fix in place and will be pushing a release to Apple to fix that bug. For now, please avoid selecting the Officer TROBO story in this release.  

If you have "crashed" the app like this, you can double-tap the main "home" button on the iOS device, and when all the apps that are running are shown in a scrollable list, swipe the TROBO app off the screen (up) to kill it.  Then you restart the app.

It takes a few days for Apple to approve updates.

-Thank you,

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