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BEEP BEEP Go to Sleep! - A Must Have Book

Like in my blog about Engineering Ants, I want to establish right up front that I get no referral fees for this review.  I'm just trying to share an adorable little book with like-minded parents that has my child cackling each time we read it.
We bought "BEEP BEEP Go to Sleep" a couple months ago, and it was an instant success in our house.  If you like cute robots, you'll enjoy this book.  If you like great art, you'll salivate over this book. If you like to really animate your voice to entertain your child while reading, you will get lots of huge belly laughs out of this with each read.  And if you like a great story that shares a parent's insight with your child about sleeping at night, you'll buy this book.  
That last part is hard to explain, but that's where the power of this book really comes in.  Not only do you get to enjoy three super sweet little robots, but you are also treated to a little fellow who is the cutest baby adult you've ever seen.  The gist of the book is that the robots keep waking up their boy to take care of them while he is trying to get some rest.  Yet as you reread it you begin to see this tired parent in his eyes, hair, and body language.  You identify with his emotional journey, because you've been through it.  And you sinfully delight in the robots giving him the same nighttime troubles.  It's funny, because its true.  If our house wasn't already full of TROBO plush dolls, I'd ask the authors to manufacture these robots, so we could buy them.
If you are anyone who loves giving the gift of reading and time spent with your child, also check out TROBO, our adorable robot that reads science math stories to children 2+.
Todd Tarpley and John Rocco, thank you for giving our son's library one of the best books it will ever receive.  Best of luck in this becoming a best seller.

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