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Why Star Wars Inspires Learning

Like most of the world, we at TROBO have been ecstatic about the forthcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  We’re both big fans of the Star Wars universe (and Star Trek!), and are enthralled with the technologies Lucasfilm has created.  Case in point, we are both stoked about the BB-8 unit introduced by this installment.  But of course, we are watching in amazement as yet another injection of culture is being created right before our eyes, and since we’re a toy manufacturer, we are thrilled about the new BB-8 bluetooth connected robot.  This fan even built his own and is inspiring children.  
But the rest of the world is also enjoying how Star Wars treats physics, technology, and other sciences.

How DO they measure up to science in the real-world?  Here are just a few articles for you to peruse, and get your own PhD in STEM from the science fiction gurus of Star Wars.

The list goes on and on.  Just google “the science of Star Wars” and see what you can find.

So why does Star Wars inspire learning?  It does so for the same reason we are driven to put TROBO in front of every child in the world:  Storytelling inspires learning.  The storytelling behind Star Wars speaks for itself.  With the millions of fans out there, one cannot deny it makes us think about what might be possible.  There is even a Star Wars Wikipedia spoof called Wookipedia.  So why is an active imagination important?  It is that very essence of our ability to think past what we can already experience with our 5 senses, that allows us to push the limits of theory, then proofs, then documented science and math that we now take for granted.  One of the most well-know examples of this is Galileo's imaginative leap that Earth is not the center of the universe.  We take it for granted now, because he (and a lot of other followers since him) proved it, but he first imagined it.  

For good or for bad, Star Wars affects our vision of what technology can be.  Who hasn’t dreamed at some point of zipping through Monday morning traffic on a speeder bike?  Well this one is getting started early:


This dad is fostering an love of science through the power of storytelling.  You go Tez Gilmer!

To sum this up, the burning question of "What if?" is all we need to not only change our fundamental view on the real universe, but to also create brand new ones that inspire millions, if not billions of others to do the same.  If we can get anywhere near a teeny weeny portion of children inspired to love science and math with TROBO as Lucas as done with Star Wars, we will have reached our goal.  

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