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How to Make a TROBO Cake - page 3

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Now for the details that need tight control, use fondant icing.  Start with the eyes.

Cut out the oval eyes.  

Roll out a little fondant; put the rest in a ziploc.  

Carve out the eyes using a small, sharp knife.

Use the template to roughly place them on the cake.

Press them in gently with your fingers.

Now cut the mouth. 

Place it with the template as a guide.

Press it.

You can use the knife to align the tongue or other tiny details.

Then the eyebrows.

I used a toothpick to place a dollop of left over white icing as the eye highlights.

And that's it.  Below is the final piece before I slide it into the cake box.


What about all the left over cake?  I chunked it up into a bowl and gave it to my friends at work as "Cake Chunks" - sooooooo goooooood!


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