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How to Make a TROBO Cake

Last week, we TROBO's 2nd year with a party at the offices of Alcorn McBride, a theme park company, where we (Jeremy & Chris) previously worked.

I made a fun and delicious cake in the shape of TROBO's head.  Here are the steps, incase you want to make your own TROBO cake.  The cake ended up with 4 flavors of cake, 4 flavors of icing.  If you want to polish off your presentation, pick up cake boards, foil wrap, and a cake box at places like Hobby Lobby.  They had the fondant too.

1. Cake supplies:

15 eggs, a cup of vegetable oil, shortening (for greasing the pans), a stick of butter (used on the blue velvet cake), and lots o' water.  I confess using the box instructions and off the shelf mixes.  My additions came in the sculpting and coloring.  I also used red, yellow, and black food dyes, shown below.  I'll also give you heads up on a mistake or two I made.  For example, below are 4 canisters of icing.  You'll need an extra can of white. And a stack of fondant icings for the face details.  Lots of cake pans, a mixer, lots of mixing bowls.  You'll also need some pans and cake drying racks.  Pans and drying racks are described below.  


1. Start out with the TROBO Cake template.  Take the two sheets together.  There is no overlap on the lines.  Please note TROBO is a copyrighted character, and so is the template. 

2. Mixup and bake the cakes according to their instructions.  If you have two ovens, you can go faster. I used the following pan sizes.  Note you can double up the smaller pans into the same stove, for triple-fast action!

TROBO's head: 12" circle (twice for two layers)
blue ear, and yellow ear: 6" squares (single layers)
red cap: 9" circle (single layer)


I had extra batter of the blue and yellow, so for kicks I also cooke an extra 9" blue, and bagged the yellow for Laurie, who happens to like raw cake mix (yeah, she lives on the edge).  Here are the baked cakes. We have only cake drying rack in the house, so for the two 12' circle cakes, I pulled out a stove rack and propped it up on oven mits. Worked great.

 3. Cut out the template pieces and the cakes.  I placed the template on the foil cake board and built the cake there, so I wouldn't have to move it after icing it.

I forgot to take a photo of my cutting the face cake out, but I got the others.  Here's the final stack of two face cakes:

Paste these together with whatever icing you want in the middle.  I chose a mix of all my icings, because, (mistake #1) I forgot to get two canisters of the white icing.


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