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Fun Things To Do With Your TROBO

We and our TROBO owners have a ton of fun using TROBOs in imaginative play and dressing them up for special occasions.  TROBOs wear Build-A-Bear outfits too!  They wear them almost perfectly, so if you are looking for ways to make TROBO even more fun on the creative side, swing by a BAB store to get your favorite costume.   Below are some awesome photos of TROBOs sparking children's imagination, and we hope they will spark yours too.  We like to reuse materials and mashup products from other companies to make the possibilities explode!

Newton in a NASA outfit.

And Curie too!

Or how about TROBO with a jetpack made out of a ZippyDo from our friends at LaserPegs:

If rockets aren't your thing, how about playing Doctor?  If these aren't the cutest medical physicians you have ever seen.  This is a great way to plant early seeds about future careers.



Let's say you're more of the Engineering type, or like Asher, Chris's son, you can't get enough of cars.  Well crack open your old shoebox collection, grab a box cutter, and go to town on a hotrod built for one.  Below we used some slick little straws and elbows from a grocery store impulse buy, but bendy straws and tape work great as well.


Pirate TROBOs of the Carribean anyone?  Watch out for that gator!!

Or sometimes you just need to celebrate with a tux or graduation gown:

We add more photos to our Pinterest board here regularly.  If you'd like to share your TROBO's latest imaginative adventure, please use our contact page to send it.

Thanks! :]
Jeremy and Chris


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