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Kids Love TROBO

We have really enjoyed all the photos everyone is sending to us as their children are enjoying their new TROBOs.  We felt we should not only share some of them here (as they are WAY TOO ADORABLE!), but we should also share some of our own experiences with our children.  

Below is a fellow we met at a local STEM event who went through every single story and game, hugging TROBO the entire time.  It was too sweet, as his mom enjoyed his laser focused attention on every detail.  

Peek a boo!  This little darling is a long time friend of the TROBO family and proves it IS possible to make TROBO even cuter!  My goodness, can you feel the love? :]

Yep, TROBOs not only play hide and seek and hot potato, but they apparently also love playing piggy back.  You win, no I win!

And we are so excited to see these bright eyes saying the "Oath of Adoption" that comes on the optional Birth Certificates with TROBOs.  The Oath is to never stop learning and to never stop asking "WHY?".

Need a hug anyone?  TROBO will even make kissy-face sounds with her game app.  


Here's one of our longtime favorite TROBO adopters.  He was the first fellow to see a TROBO two years ago.  Though he's gotten a wee bit bigger since then, his love for TROBO remains the same. :]

How cool is this?  Red mowhawk, red TROBO cap.  A match made in heaven. :]

They say after a while, people start looking like their TROBOs.  Maybe this Curie needs to get a brown curly wig to top off her look.

Caution, sleeping with TROBOs can become addictive.

Asher, Chris's son, is flush with TROBOs.  He sort of has his pick of trial units, and we have been known to have large gaggles of TROBOs running around the house.  This includes the rare lavender TROBO that has not made it to market yet.  

Speaking of rare TROBOs, below is the only pink TROBO, now owned by Jeremy's daughter, Sophia.  It's unclear who is more adorable here!

And well, Jake cannot contain his enthusiasm when it comes to TROBO.  He keeps peppering Jeremy with new ideas for stories.  

We're loving the memories you and your families are helping us make.  You can see more photos on our Pinterest board.  For those of you who we did not blog about today, know that we love your photos too, and we enjoy every opportunity we get to see your kiddos and their TROBOs having a great time.  For those of you with TROBOs under the tree, please send us photos too, to share the love.

Thank you all, :]
Chris & Jeremy


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