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Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day

We recently came across a terrific holiday called, "Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day".  This holiday, sometimes holi-month, depending on which organization is sponsoring it, is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the need to visit your doctor.  If you have a family member or friend who normally does not visit a physician, this is a good chance to take them to get a checkup.  Most organizations plan a special day or week where they offer free screenings or discounts on common medical issues as a way to encourage people to visit a doctor. 

If you are struggling to convince a family member to go, there are sites with helpful tips for understanding their needs and helping them:

Tom Joyner started the event 12 years ago, and it has been gaining momentum over the last decade.  Local Doctors offices and hospitals as well as state-wide organizations support the effort with marketing efforts such as partnering with radio stations and publishing posters and helpful materials to get the word out.  

Some organizations have chosen the third Tuesday in September to be the official day to practice it, but others have chosen days that best fit their fiscal schedules or days that they believe will draw the most crowds due to convenience.  Search your local city or state to see how you can take advantage of #TALOTTD.  

TROBOs go to their doctors regularly, because they love being healthy, and they learn a little bit of science with every visit. :]

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