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This Week in STEM: Tesla Motors and the Gigafactory

Tesla factory (image courtesy of

Tesla factory (image courtesy of

There’s been a lot of news regarding Tesla Motors’ new “Gigafactory” – an enormous factory where Tesla will build new battery technology with the hopes of lowering the price of batteries for its next generation $35,000 electric car.  Tesla is in the process of of selecting a site to build the $5 billion factory (they may even choose two sites to break ground simultaneously in order to see which site might be finished first!)

Elon Musk – the founder of Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity – is a modern day icon of STEM in business.  With his audacious business goals and his desire to reinvent the automobile and space businesses, Musk is paving the way for engineering innovation and the Gigafactory is no exception.  By concentrating all of the battery manufacturing in one large factory, Tesla hopes to take raw minerals in one end of the factory and have completed battery packs come out the other end (similar to the SpaceX factory where steel goes in and rockets come out but that’s a discussion for another post!)

We will continue to follow Elon Musk and his various business enterprises in future posts (since TROBO is all about innovation and exciting developments in STEM) but here is some more information about the goals for the Tesla Gigafactory.

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