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Education: The Science Cheerleader

The Science Cheerleader

The Science Cheerleader

While reading The Pennsylvania Gazette – the official magazine of Jeremy’s alma matter The University of Pennsylvania – we stumbled on an article about Darlene Cavalier – a former Philadelphia 76ers cheerleader (and Penn grad) turned science advocate.  Darlene has put together a program consisting of more than 200 current and former professional cheerleaders from the NFL, NBA and other sports leagues who are themselves pursuing science and engineering careers.

The Science Engineers go out in the public and put a new face on science and engineering.  They host a number of events – both at games and in the community – to entertain, educate and make people (especially girls) think differently about careers in STEM.  For example, at a recent Philadelphia 76ers game the cheerleaders led cheers about basic science concepts, they shot science kits out of the T-shirt cannons and hosted a science fair.  Not your typical NBA entertainment!

We raise a toast (for all of you Penn grads out there!) to Darlene and the rest of The Science Cheerleader/SciStarter team for their innovative approach to STEM education.  Like Team TROBO, they realize that getting kids excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math starts with getting them to think differently and showing them the wonders of the world around them.

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