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Education: The Robo Bowl

Robo Bowl (image courtesy of Long Beach Post)

Robo Bowl (image courtesy of Long Beach Post)

8th Grade students in the MESA (Math, Engineering, Science, Achievement) program at Marshal Academy of the Arts in Long Beach, California recently participated in a new endeavor – Building Robots.  They were getting ready for the Robo Bowl a district-wide competition between 16 schools that force the teams to work together to perform specific tasks to scoop up balls and score a goal.  Different robots have different capabilities so by working together, they can complete the task.

The program uses kits from VEX Robotics that let the students sharpen their mechanical, electrical and control system skills as part of the greater program.  All of the skills that they utilize lead to greater problem solving skills.

Ken Weber, a representative with the Long Beach Unified School District stated, “It allows the kids to kind of learn through trial and error to basically teach something until they get a product.”

Problem solving through trial and error is a fundamental skill that is necessary for any career – and for a successful life.  Building a robot is a great way to learn these skills.  You never know, you may end building TROBO’s cousin!

Article: Long Beach Post

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