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Design and Engineering: An Engineer’s Favorite Workarounds

Solving a Problem (image courtesy of IDEO)

Solving a Problem (image courtesy of IDEO)

Any designer or engineer has run into a problem that has just stopped them in their tracks.  No matter what you try to do, you can’t figure out a way around it.  Then, there is a revelation – that moment that occurs (usually in the shower or on an airplane) that makes you say “Oh!  I need to try this!”.  These workarounds are often the most frustrating and rewarding parts of the design process as they solve a problem in a way you never thought of when you started.

IDEO is one of the world’s leading design firms.  They are a very cool company with a tremendous roster of clients including Marriott, Apple and Wells Fargo.  In this post, Mark Harrison, an electrical engineer with IDEO talks about his 4 favorite workarounds to solve design problems.  It’s a really interesting insight into the design process and a great way to think differently.

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