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Design & Engineering: More Quadrotor Fun!

Kmel Quadrotors (courtesy of Entertainment Engineering)

Kmel Quadrotors (courtesy of Entertainment Engineering)

KMel Robotics – an offshoot of the University of Pennsylvania’s GRASP (General Robotics, Automation, Sensing & Perception) Lab – is one of the leading designers of quadrotors.  A quadrotor (also known as a quadcopter) is a four-rotor helicopter.  In the case of KMel, their quadrotors have sensors which allow them to detect each other and they can also communicate in a way that allows them to “swarm.”  While in some cases, this may sound terrifying, the bright spot is that they can create some pretty cool demonstrations.

In previous videos, KMel has shown how the swarming quadrotors can play music together.  In their latest video – a commercial for Lexus called “Amazing in Motion” – they show the amazing power of the swarming vehicles and their amazing potential.

This video shows the making of the commercial.

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