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Electronic Arts Development Director leaves EA to start children’s educational toy company




Electronic Arts Development Director leaves EA to start children’s educational toy company.

ORLANDO, Florida – On July 4th 2014, Chris Harden celebrated Independence Day by saying goodbye to EA SPORTS, worldwide publisher of triple-A titles such as Madden Football, Tiger Woods Golf, FIFA Soccer and more.  Trading in his hat as Development Director for a title of Co-Creator of TROBO, The Storytelling Robot, Chris joins his partner Jeremy Scheinberg to launch the next generation of high tech educational toys for children age 2-7.

TROBO is a cuddly plush robot that reads fun stories about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) on an iPad.  The fuzzy robot knows children’s names, and children travel through the adventure with TROBO as an avatar in the app.  “We’re both fathers who recognize children are learning all the time.  TROBO leverages their constant curiosity to teach them about the world around them and get a head start on their education,” said Chris.

TROBO marks the first time mobile technology is married with physical toys to create an immersive learning experience for today’s young children in the worlds of Science and Engineering.  Jeremy and Chris are both Engineers from the theme park industry. “We saw firsthand how the power of storytelling can be used to engage children.  As a companion and storyteller, TROBO creates an emotional connection between children and STEM stories, thereby encouraging them to learn more.  He’s a modern day Teddy Ruxpin meets My Buddy,” said Jeremy.  TROBO comes as a male or female robot, named Edison or Curie, based on Thomas Edison and Marie Curie, two significant contributors to the worlds of Engineering and Science.  TROBO ships with five stories with some additional apps, and parents can purchase more stories from the app store.

The robot will be Kickstarting in September.  “I love EA, but I left it for TROBO, because I know the time for action is now.  Jeremy already left his position as COO.  We are putting our savings, time, and hearts into launching a successful campaign.  We’ll need to reach as many people as possible, so we’re looking for any help we can get to share the message.”  The partners are lining up several engagements in August, September, and October to share their vision for TROBO and education, promote the Kickstarter, and share why they both believe the furry robots are worth putting everything at risk.

People can learn more about TROBO here and sign up to hear when the Kickstarter is launched here.

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