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Cool Products: Inside a Fireworks Show

Fireworks from Above

Fireworks from Above

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have provided some spectacular video that used to be accessible to filmmakers if they had access to a helicopter.  Now with smaller UAVs and high-quality cameras, such as those from GoPro, even hobbyists can produce incredible looking images – such as the $24 million yacht that caught on fire a few weeks ago.

This video – which was posted in February but recently came to the forefront during the July 4th weekend – shows an amazing perspective on a fireworks show.  The video – which was taken using a GoPro attached to a DJI Phantom 2 – shows a fireworks show up close from above, alongside and even inside the explosions.  It is truly an incredible perspective.  Even though it could be a little risky to send your $1300 camera UAV into an area surrounded by explosions, the drone and the camera were unharmed.


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