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TROBO is Coming to Kickstarter!


We’re excited to announce we will launch our Kickstarter campaign in September!  We’re working with PR representatives and local organizations to identify the specific date.  To be notified on day one of the launch, backers and other interested parties can join our mailing list at

In case you are not familiar with it, Kickstarter is a commonly used platform to raise money to launch a product or service.  Some people think of it as a presales mechanism.  Some people think of it as a way to test the validity of a concept.  We think of it as a way to help people share a dream and build something greater than any of us can do on our own.  Kickstarter has their own page where they tell their story, but in the coming weeks we will discuss how it works on our blog and how you can help.

We hope you will support TROBO’s Kickstarter campaign and  - most importantly – that you’ll share it with your friends, family, etc… to help get our message out to as many people as possible.

We’ve been seeing real momentum and support from our community, and we’re excited to keep you all up to date as we get closer to launch.  We’re grateful for your love and support up to this point, and together we’ll accomplish great things. :]

- Chris & Jeremy

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