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Press Release: TROBO on Shark Tank

TROBO on Shark Tank

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                   CONTACTS: Jeremy Scheinberg/Chris Harden Date 3/29/2016                                                                     

Science and Engineering Toy Startup To be Featured on Shark Tank

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – Connected toy startup TROBO the Storytelling Robot will be featured on ABC’s Shark Tank on Friday, April 8th. TROBO features a talking plush toy and iPad/iPhone application that aims to get kids 2-5 years old about the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in the world around them through personalized, interactive stories. The child is able to build an avatar and enter their name so they can go on adventures in the world of STEM with the TROBO characters Newton and Curie. The toy reads the stories out loud to the child in either English or Spanish.

TROBO co-founders Jeremy Scheinberg and Chris Harden started the company after successful careers in the theme park and video game industries. Scheinberg worked on projects for clients including Disney, Universal and Lego. Harden previously worked for Electronic Arts (EA Sports) and on projects for Ford, Coca-Cola and Amazon. They launched TROBO together in November of 2013.

“Shark Tank was an amazing, yet very intimidating experience,” Scheinberg said. “The amount of exposure the show gives you is incredible and we can’t wait to share TROBO with the world.”

“We did a lot of preparation before the show,” said Harden. “But we could have never prepared for what actually happened.” 

“This has been such an amazing experience for us,” said Harden. “We are so grateful to all of the friends of TROBO who have supported and encouraged us,” said Scheinberg.

TROBO includes either the Newton and Curie plush toy, four stories and 3 games that are available for download from the iOS App store. More stories and games – including a special story entitled “What do Sharks Eat” – are available for purchase in the app. The product is available now for $69.95 at Scheinberg and Harden have also written a book about their startup experience entitled “Little Robot, Big Dreams” that is available on Amazon.

The TROBO episode of Shark Tank airs Friday, April 8th at 9PM Eastern/Pacific, 8PM Central on ABC. 

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