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TROBOs are lovable, huggable companions that help kids 2-5 learn about the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in the world around them through fun, personalized stories!

See how they work: 


The TROBOs - Newton and Curie - read the story out loud and your child gets to be the star of the show!  The stories feature your child's name and avatar as they go on adventures with the TROBOs to learn about all of the amazing science they see every day!

Stories & Games include:

  • How is Honey Made? (Chemistry)
  • What is Lightning? (Weather)
  • How does a Car Work? (Engineering)
  • How do I Count Money? (Math)
  • Hot Potato, Hide & Seek and MyPal TROBO (Companionship)
  • MyPal TROBO Valentines
  • More stories can be purchased in the app.


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